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GMOs will Unleash Global Killer 'Ecocide' across the Planet, warns Prominent Scientist.
A top scientist and "risk engineering" expert is now publicly warning that GMOs pose a dire, genuine threat to the continuation of life on Earth.
Nassim Taleb, author of The Black Swan and Fooled by Randomness, says that, GMOs have the potential to cause:
 "An irreversible termination of life at some scale, which could be the planet."

His full explanation is presented in
his public paper which describes how even a small risk per crop species can still result in global ecocide if pursued with abandon.
And Taleb explains further that, "The risk of ruin is not sustainable, like a resource that gets depleted in the long term (even in the short term)”.
He continues by saying, “By the ruin theorems, if you incur a tiny probability of ruin, as a "one-off" risk, survive it, then repeat the exposure, you will eventually go bust with probability = 1."  (Where "probability 1" means a 100% chance.)

Rational thinking automatically leads to skepticism of GMO safety:

This sober, scientific conclusion is of course entirely rational and founded in clear thinking.
The self-deluded GMO zealots and paid Monsanto trolls predictably try to gloss over these risks in their quest for ego, profits and power, but that does not mean such risks do not exist.

In fact, as Taleb convincingly argues, Genetically Engineered crops are specifically designed to have a survival advantage over conventional crops, allowing them to better resist droughts or infestations of pests or weeds.
This survival advantage - if it is as real as seed manipulators claim - means genetically engineered plants can out-compete non-GMO crops in open fields.
The genetic pollution which is already underway across North America will only get worse, therefore; and there's no reversing it because all living systems - even genetically engineered ones - have a natural drive to spread, multiply and survive.

The result is that GMO crops will out-compete and thereby displace non-GMO crops over time.
Does this matter? Indeed it does because the rise of GMOs is nearly synonymous with the collapse of genetic diversity in seeds and food crops.

You don't have to go back very far in history to find examples of mono-cultured food crops failing due to lack of genetic diversity:
  • The Irish Potato Famine of 1845-1852 was caused by over-reliance on a genetically narrow food crop.  Shockingly, one-third of the Irish population relied on a single crop, and when potato blight (a fungal microorganism) successfully attacked the crop, over one million people died from starvation.
  • The current crisis in world banana productions is caused because nearly all commercial banana trees are genetically identical clones.
  • The near-collapse of Florida citrus due to disease is also caused by a striking lack of genetic diversity across citrus orchards.

A loss of genetic diversity is a pathway to global disease and starvation!: 
Any legitimate scientist in the fields of anthropology, genetics or agriculture will warn you that low genetic diversity is the first step towards crisis and collapse of any given population.
When genetic diversity is lost, the entire species becomes vulnerable to being wiped out by epidemic disease.

This principle is irrefutable and widely recognized as truth among nearly all objective and genuine scientifically-literate thinkers... except those pushing GMOs, of course.
Those denialists selectively edit "scientific truth" to exclude any concerns that might question the wisdom of displacing the world's treasure of seed diversity with corporate-patented seeds.
The Precautionary Principle is gladly thrown out the window when corporate profits are to be realised from doing so.

Transgenic GMOs could cause catastrophic ecocide:
Beyond the loss of genetic diversity, Taleb is also concerned about the possibility of catastrophic transgenic effects which could somehow weaken the world's food crops in ways human scientists never intended or anticipated. This will inevitably lead to a high level of Toxicity and Deficiency humanity.
Murphy's Law - which states that:..anything that can go wrong will go wrong - is widely recognized as a frustrating truth across physics, medicine, computer science and space exploration.
However, bizarrely, magically and irrationally, it is declared null and void only for GMOs, where the roll of the dice quite literally threatens the sustainability of future life on our planet.

Taleb explains further that, even if the chance of any single genetically engineered crop going wild and unleashing global crop failures is very small, the fact that companies like Monsanto and DuPont seek to dominate the global seed supply by perpetually releasing more and more genetically engineered crops means that sooner or later, a genetic catastrophe is all but inevitable.

If you play Russian Roulette every weekend, in other words, and there really is a live round in one of the gun's chambers, sooner or later you are bound to blow your brains out.  
This is true even if the revolver has 1000 chambers (with 999 of them empty); so that the odds of losing seem incredibly small each time you play. (Interestingly, Taleb uses this exact same illustration in his paper...)

Taleb continues by saying that, the cost of losing is so great that even tiny odds of failure may not be acceptable.  After all, we're talking about the entire future of life on our planet.

GMOs may unleash mass global crop failures followed by starvation and disease:
Mike Adams also did warn precisely about this issue around 2012 in his "Murdered by Science" series of articles  in which he opined that the careless application of science – in fact, quack-science – could be putting the entire existence of the human cosmogony at risk. 
In fact, this goes beyond medical quackery; because these scientists know perfectly well beyond any reasonable doubt what they are doing and why they are doing it.
And he did point out that GMOs are in the most extreme class of pollutants because they are self-replicating.
Hence, it is imperative that those articles, which have been widely derided by corporate-paid prostitute-scientists to troll the web to attack reason, should become a must read and researched even today.
Note: For the records, Mike Adams is not anti-science; this he has loudly made abundantly clear over the years; and, neither is any one of us in the pursuit to preserving humanity; so long as the Precautionary Principle is adhered to.
While chemical spills can eventually be cleaned up, and even heavy metals can be remediated over time, genetically engineered DNA that escapes into the wild can never be put back into a box.

Self-replicating pollution is the worst class of pollution, far exceeding even the risk of nuclear accidents wiping out humankind.
And as Taleb says, "As humans, we are ill equipped to understand the mathematics behind such risks."
And guess what! He is correct: the human brains are not hard-wired to fully grasp the long-term implications of self-replicating pollution.
In the same way, most people are utterly incapable of accurately imagining the long-term outcomes of compounded interest - a phenomenon which eerily reflects the spread of self-replicating pollution.

How Dishonest Science Fools the Uneducated Masses:
Since humans are not hard-wired to grasp the long-term risks of self-replicating pollution - as posed by genetically engineered crops - it is all too easy for corporate-paid prostitute-scientists to pull the wool over the eyes of the public and falsely claim GMOs present no risks whatsoever.
This is why every single scientist who is currently promoting GMOs is, in fact, a threat to the continuation of human life on our planet.
By deceiving the public with sleek advertising and; backed by megabucks corporate media promotions; and in so doing glossing over the very real threats to life posed by GMOs, these so-called scientists are directly contributing to the spread of GMO genetic pollution which may end up in genuine catastrophe and massive loss of life; which indeed in my opinion is their main agenda: Global Depopulation!

Imagine the global collapse of all GM corn crops.  Or imagine the collapse of global soy production. Every crop which is GMO has some risk of being wiped out in a catastrophic manner caused by the un-natural manipulation of the crop's genetic code.

The history of scientific advancement, of course, is rife with huge failures to foresee unintended consequences:
Perhaps the most important example of that is found in the current rise of superbugs across modern hospitals.
Utterly unforeseen by the world's top scientists and pharmacological researchers, superbugs have now risen to such prominence in our health care system that even the CDC has warned that the age of antibiotics is over.

Superbugs, in fact, were a Product of Antibiotics. As drug companies churned out the drugs to "beat disease" - and doctors prescribed those drugs to hundreds of millions of patients worldwide - the perfect environment was created for the nurture and spread of antibiotic-resistant superbugs, many of which are fatal to patients.

As Mike says, he personally knew three people who were killed in U.S. hospitals by superbug infections.
In August 2010, experts have warned of a new superbug that is resistant to even the most powerful antibiotics entering UK hospitals.  It is estimated that hospital superbugs kill about 5000 people in the UK alone each year and costs the NHS about £1 billion.
Superbugs are also the new death pandemic in America, and they are currently killing 48,000 Americans each year.
Similar death rates have also been reported in other parts of the world including, Canada and Australia.
Indeed, they were inadvertently unleashed by scientists with no intention of causing death and destruction.
Rather, those scientists working on antibiotics genuinely believed they were saving lives with no downside. 
At first, it all seemed true - antibiotics inarguably saved many lives early on.  But now, antibiotics are in fact the reason why deadly superbugs have escaped the reach of modern medicine and genuinely threaten the human race with incurable infections.

Scientists are not immune to making catastrophic mistakes that cause massive death:
The Superbugs lesson desperately needs to be understood by the self-deluded corporate-paid prostitute-scientists currently pushing GMOs.  
Importantly, they need to swallow their arrogance for just long enough to understand that their INTENTION does not control the long-term effects of their ACTIONS.

Just because they wish for GMOs to "feed the world" does not mean they will.  In fact, positive intentions can and do frequently blind scientists to the downsides of their own innovations.
In examples after examples, scientists who believed they were pursuing technology for the betterment of humankind ended up inadvertently contributing to mass death and destruction.

The Manhattan Project, Anyone?:
The dropping of atomic bombs – weapons of mass destruction - on civilian populations in Hiroshima and Nagasaki was a catastrophe that was eventually contained.
The damage, although immense, was “limited” and could not mysteriously replicate itself over time.
GMOs, on the other hand, are like seeds of mass destruction because they can replicate, spread, conquer and annihilate!

Consequently, controlling and containing their trail of destruction may not be possible once they are unleashed.
Alas! They have already been unleashed.
Genetic pollution is now widespread across our agricultural landscape, and the vast majority of organic farms in many parts of the world have experienced some level of contamination from genetically engineered crops.

Why so few people are capable of rationally discussing the ecological risks of GMOs:
In a very real sense, most human beings are cognitively incapable of participating in any rational discussion of these issues.  Indeed rational issues that task our critical thinking capacity.
This includes most scientists, by the way, who are themselves just as vulnerable to peer influences and false mythologies as anyone else.
In the name of "science," far too many scientists today merely embarrass themselves by pushing obscenely silly arguments in defense of GMOs, claiming utterly stupid things like, "humans have tinkered with the genetic code of plants for thousands of years. Genetic engineering is no different."

Although this is the most frequently-invoked argument by GMO denialists, it is blatantly idiotic and grossly deceptive from the start.
Selective breeding of various phenotypes within the genetic pool of a given species in no way equates to cross-species DNA manipulation which combines insect or soil genes with plant genes.
Any person who even attempts to equate these two concepts does nothing more than affix a giant "DUNCE" sticker to their own foreheads. (And yes, numerous scientists invoke this silly argument every single day, across the mainstream media.)

Taleb also addresses this same issue head-on in his public paper, explaining:

Top-down modifications to the system (through GMOs) are categorically and statistically different from bottom up ones (regular farming, progressive tinkering with crops, etc.) There is no comparison between the tinkering of selective breeding and the top-down engineering of taking a gene from an organism and putting it into another. Saying that such a product is natural misses the statistical process by which things become "natural."

The Abandonment of Caution in the Quest for Profits:
The next idiotic argument put forth by desperate corporate-paid prostitute-scientists is that GMOs aren't dangerous because there's no evidence they are dangerous.
As stupid as this sound, it is also the faith-based argument of the chemical industry which insists "all chemicals are safe until such time as they are proven dangerous."

If this bass-awkward logic sounds familiar, it's because it is also invoked by the processed food industry in claiming that all food additives, preservatives and chemicals are inherently safe unless and until they are proven dangerous.
The question however is this: have they ever allowed any independent researches to challenge their postulations?
And as a reminder, let us go back up to the current lessons of the cause of Superbugs; with the warning that it is a “ticking time bomb”! With some claiming, it “ranks alongside terrorism”. 
Are there any lessons to be learnt from history?  If indeed there are, then we must not be seen to be creating another “ticking time bomb”!

What all this non-logic has in common is an illogical presumption of safety.
This has always been the argument of the mass poisoners called scientists of our world.
Regardless of the poison being discussed - BPA, mercury fillings, pesticide chemicals, DDT, toxic heavy metals, triclosan, MSG and several other - its corporate backers have consistently and predictably hired swaths of prostitute-scientists to declare the substance to be "safe until proven otherwise."

The Tragic Kesson of Lead Arsenate Pesticides:
This presumption of safety sooner or later ends very badly.
For over a hundred years, the heavy metals pesticide lead arsenate was "presumed safe."
Made primarily of lead and arsenic, it was indeed very effective at killing pests that threatened food crops.
Consequently, farmers across North America and around the world sprayed it on their food crops, producing amazing quantities of food... at first, anyway.

But before long, what have we seen: the lead and arsenic bio-accumulated in agricultural soils; poisoning the trees that produced the food as well as the consumers.
To this day, soils across the world remain heavily poisoned by these deadly heavy metals, which is one of the reasons why so many Superfood products sold today contain such high levels of heavy metals.
Lead arsenate - just like GMOs - was "presumed safe" because it didn't cause immediate death to anyone.
And according to corporate-sponsored prostitute-scientists, anything that doesn't kill you within seconds is automatically presumed to be safe!
 And by implication, the chemical or technology consequences are wilfully swept under the rug and ignored.
Corporations do lean on government regulators until the cover-up becomes a policy.  At that point, both government and industry become active collaborators in the mass poisoning of the human race.
In this regards therefore, Mike Adams breakthrough article, The Battle For Humanity is Nearly Lost, which covers the conclusions below in details, is a must read.
In conclusion:
No self-replicating technology can be presumed safe if we hope to survive:
Mike Adams, has as a result of the foregoing opined that the human civilization may not survive the next 100 years. 

He further states that our species is too shortsighted, too much driven by insatiable greed and too easily manipulated to survive its own corporate-led destruction. 

He continues by saying that the quest for short-term profits maximization by the corporate industry blinds nearly everyone to the long-term implications; and that the fact that the masses are already heavily poisoned by this very process makes it nearly impossible for the public consciousness to achieve sufficient lucidity to halt the quickening pace of self-destruction.

He does add comically that, “I only write this out of a fondness for galactic amusement, not out of any real hope that humanity can save itself from destruction via heavy metals, synthetic chemicals, pharmaceuticals and GMOs”.
He again adds that, if on the off chance that he was wrong in his prediction of humanity's demise, if we are to survive as a species, such survival will necessitate the global embracing of the Precautionary Principle across all realms of science and technology.

In the light of this he warns that, even if we halt Monsanto and agree to have all the criminal biotechnology scientists halted from committing ecocide, we are all very likely going to be overrun by artificial intelligence before the year 2050, regardless of what else happens in agriculture or synthetic chemicals. 

Just as with GMOs, today's most brilliant computer scientists are wholly incapable of understanding the long-term implications of the race for conscious machines and advanced AI tech.

The result will almost certainly be that humans will invent the technologies that destroy humanity, and we will all go down in history as the race of sentient beings who were smart enough to invent amazing technologies but too stupid to restrain them.


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Note: This article was originally written by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger at Natural New earlier this year.

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